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  1. Add missing Actions ( like "Initialize variable") in the Triggers and Action tab for Power Automate

    On the Triggers and Actions tab of the Prepare to Export the action "Initialize variable" is not listed. Also the rest of the related variable actions are not listed.

    It would be helpful to add all the triggers and actions that are available in Power automate so that we can make our diagram complete.

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  2. Excel to Visio

    We are just discovering the ability to create process maps in Excel and export to Visio. This seems like it has potential to save us a lot of time.

    We would like the ability to do the following:
    1. Customize the Header (Title) area
    2. Specify color for the various Function groups
    3. Add a standard shape (Divided Process) to the Shapes dropdown list
    4. Add a customer shape (Divided Subprocess) saved to More Shapes > Favorites > My Shapes to the Shapes dropdown list

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